Awaken your inner beauty

Inner strength

Inner spirit

Trust and follow

Soulful Coaching

Katoa develops an integrated plan to support and increase your autonomy in the best possible way.

About Katoa

Everyone is different and it is important to discover and embrace your unique qualities and talents. Katoa supports children, adults, families and organizations to believe in themselves, their path and their decisions.

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Atua Healing ®

Atua means ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’ in the Mãori-language. The goal of Atua Healing ® is to remove unhealthy behaviours by creating a path for our energy to flow again, allowing us to reach our true potential in every area of our life.

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'My head is always full of thoughts. During the first session it was all quiet and still in my head.'

'I know now that making mistakes is OK. I'm no longer afraid to expand my brain and learn new things.'

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