Consider yourself lucky to have found Juliette’s website. I have been seeing Juliette for the past year and am always blown away by her amazing insightfulness.

She has a unique ability to tune into what is happening in your life and to offer you the support you need to navigate yourself through life’s challenges. Juliette has a sense of calm and warmth that puts you at ease when you visit her. I thoroughly recommend Juliette.


Juliette is a very compassionate, supportive & proactive professional. She has a strong focus on healing & integrating mind body & spirit when we often feel fragmented or lost to ourselves.

I personally have benefited greatly from her sessions. Highly recommended!


Juliette has a kind, relaxed manner and always gives great advice to my daughters and myself, supporting us through whatever is going on in our lives.

Juliette explains things in a simply way, giving my daughters great strategies to help them cope within school and society.

After a session with Juliette my thoughts are clearer and my body less tense. My fatigue has melted away. Visiting Juliette is always a positive experience.


Through my sister, who lives in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean, I met the beautiful soul: Juliette. My sister started sessions via Skype with Juliette and spoke so highly about her that I wanted the experience also.

So far I had 4 sessions (via Facetime since I live in the USA) with Juliette. The way she guides me in the sessions to understand, getting to know and work on my innerself in a nonjudgemental setting; I really appreciate. After every session I feel closer to understanding my inner me, I learn how to feed my inner me. Through tools that Juliette provides, I learn how to balance my inner me. Energy is flowing to the right places.

Juliette feels the energy off deceased loved ones close to my heart. It makes me feel whole. I strongly believe that Juliette is a meant to be in my life.


Juliette is so warm & welcoming that she makes you feel at ease straight away. Her use of Tuning Forks is very relaxing.

Juliette is extremely intuitive and an amazing listener with a wonderful way of giving guidance.

Children | families

Jasmin (11)

Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive approach. I love the simplicity of the principles and physical approach.

Diane (9)

My head is always full of thoughts. During the first session it was all quiet and still in my head.

Dave (8)

I have learned to control my behaviour more, I now talk in a water way instead of rock.

Mother of Dave

It was very special to notice that you could 'read' my son so accurately and immediately had ideas about his diagnosis and outpatient treatment.


Juliette has a deep knowledge of child development and behaviour. When the child's behaviour is out of the ordinary or the child's development shows gaps or is delayed, she is able to identify this at an early stage. Following on this, she gives background information and practical advice, in order to modify the child's behaviour and stimulate the development of the child. Her observations are accurate and her advice is truly helpful.


Juliette her creativity allows her to provide an innovative approach. She is passionate about providing us the best possible guidance. We appreciate her expertise and advice on our children who require special attention.