Katoa Wellbeing for adults

In the spirit of the traditional Māori medicine, Katoa Wellbeing works in a holistic manner.

Live to the full

As humans we react physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to life events, whether it’s a traumatic childhood, stressful work situation or abusive relationships. Over a period of time, this may cause blockages in a person’s energy flow and lead to unhealthy repetitive patterns that might prevent us from living life to the full. These patterns could include lack of self-esteem, courage, self-belief, not taking enough ‘me time’, an unhealthy relationship with food or alcohol, as well as anxiety and depression.

Ease your mind, nurture your body, cherish your soul, release your thoughts, embrace your childhood, respect your ancestors, heal your spirit, strenghten your mana, open your heart

With the support of Atua Healing ® and sound therapy the shifting of patterns is done in a non-invasive way.

Katoa offers as well deep inner child work. This method is useful for adults who:

  • have experienced growing up in stressful or chaotic environments;
  • had to deal with sexual, emotional or physical abuse, violence or neglect;
  • have been growing up with alcoholic or drug addict parent(s) and/or in a dysfunctional family.
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