Mixed modalities

Katoa uses mixed modalities like Atua Healing and Sound therapy. But also Rock and water techniques, and integrative play therapy for children.

Atua Healing®

Atua means ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’ in the Māori language. In Māori culture the believe is that the Ti Puna (our ancestors) travel with us through our lives, and helps us connect with the energies of the Atua. This, in turn, helps us tune in to our innate healing gifts, or what is called in Atua Healing your ‘infinite wise self’.

Which enables healing to take place regardless of your faith or beliefs.

The goal of Atua Healing is to remove these unhealthy behaviours by creating a path for our energy to flow again, allowing us to reach our true potential in every area of our life.

Rock and Water

Rock and water provides tools to support children and (young) adults to become aware of their qualities, feelings and strength. In order to have the courage and tools to discover and follow their own path, no matter the responsibilities and challenges they come across along the journey through life.

Rock and water is using psycho-psychical didactic: the verbal-emotional and physical-emotional development are the 2 main ways that one can follow to become aware of one’s own unique qualities and possibilities, one’s position in the group, and finally one’s tasks and responsibilities and the inner path to follow to become a genuine person.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative Child Therapy is based on an integrated approach with elements of behaviour therapy, family-based therapy, psycho-analysis, counselling, mediation and medical model methods.

It focuss is on the inner strength of the child. Meaning: it is impressive what children can do and handle by developing their awareness and faith in their own strengths and possibilities.

Central to this therapy is the complaint and the ways thechild is dealing with it now and will be in the future. Main entry point is that the child is not the problem, but the child has a problem.

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Sound therapy

The sound therapy method works with tuning forks which impact the physical body. The tuning forks are working on a cellular level which is connected to the cell memory and will shift negative patterns, trauma and other disturbances which have an impact on a person’s live and wellbeing.